Shimadzu Opescope Activo


  Shimadzu Opescope Activo

Surgical and Vascular Procedures WHA-200 Mobile C-arm is quick and safe clean and easy to use. It is Shimadzu's current surgical mobile C-arm imaging system. Important Functions OPESCOPE ACTIVO Instant: The new OPESCOPE ACTIVO now instant even greater flexibility of use. ACTIVO conflict all the demands of today's operating and emergency rooms. Handle Easy: Greater Convenience; Easy to use, Quick C arm Positioning. Fully Balanced adds: The fully Balanced C arm adds Quick & Smooth C arm positioning. Individual Electromagnetic: Individual electromagnetic lock for each C arm movement ensures factual positioning by quick push button operation, which releases operator from conventional mechanical lock system. Procedure: Focusing on the Procedure, easy operation. Anatomical programs: OPESCOPE ACTIVO employs anatomical programs that not only set the imaging conditions, but also handle such tedious tasks as adjusting the image orientation as well as other parameters. Support: Image Memory and other functions offer powerful operator support by quickly displaying light sharp images. Valuable Key: Temporal Key is one of the valuable features to reproduce the camera rotation angle, collimator position,

Amazing operability

(1) The fully balanced C-arm is manually operated very easily. The independent electromagnetic lock mechanisms allow individual locking of all movements, which ensures quick and accurate positioning.

(2) The “C-memory” can memorize and re-produce the camera rotation position, collimator position and X-ray condition for each C-arm position of frontal and lateral.

(3) Doctor handle (option) The C-arm lock-free switch on the I.I. grabber handle allows for rapid single-handed C-arm positioning.

(4) two screen are installed at the center of the C-arm unit. The clearly displayed radiography/ fluoroscopy conditions can be changed by a few simple operations.

Technology for high quality imaging

(1) The system incorporates a 1-million pixel CCD camera and a 100kHU X-ray tube for high- resolution imaging.

(2)Vascular processing mood

Digital subtraction angiography (DSA) is used in interventional vascular procedures to clearly visualize blood vessels by removing structures that can obscure vessel visibility. Roadmap fluoroscopy overlays a previously acquired subtracted contrast image on the live fluoroscopy, allowing you to track a device without reinjecting contrast.

(3) Boost pulse fluoroscopy This high-output, pulsed X-ray exposure results in high-contrast, high-quality images while limiting the X-ray dose.

(4) Dynamic IBS function Realtime analysis of the image brightness maintains optimal brightness by controlling x-ray conditions.

(5) Supershot function The supershot function creates high-contrast one-shot image with reduced background noise.

Other Specifications

  • X-Ray Tube Anode: Stationary
  • Maximum Output: 1.4 kW
  • Heat Capacity (anode): 50,000 HU
  • Heat Capacity (housing): 1,200,000 HU
  • kV Range: 40-110
  • mA Range: up to 20
  • Pulsed Fluoro: Yes
  • Max Pulses Per Second: 2
  • Cine: No
  • Image Matrix Size: 1,024 x 1,024


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    Shimadzu Opescope Activo Surgical and Vascular Procedures WHA-200 Mobile C-arm is quick and safe clean and easy to use. It is Shim