SPM was founded in 2002 and is the market leader in the maintenance medical equipment industry. We specialize in outfitting entire healthcare facilities with high-quality equipment at affordable prices. Our goal is to facilitate equipment acquisition by maintaining one of the largest medical equipment inventories and providing turnkey solutions for our customers. We offer a one-stop-shop platform where our customers can compare models and manufacturers. We offer warranties and medical equipment service on all products that we sell.

Why Spm:

Because medical equipment plays a significant role on the success of a healthcare facility, it is important to carefully evaluate the suppliers. Although there are several suppliers in the industry, only spm can offer you:

Warranty: All of our products are accompanied by a standard industry warranty and we carry a comprehensive liability insurance guaranteeing our customers peace of mind.

Experience & Reliability: With over 18 years of experience, SPM is the leader in the maintenance medical equipment industry and our customers can count on us to provide a complete product turnkey solution that is guaranteed to meet their needs while staying on budget.

Parts: Only SPM can guarantee up to 5 years of parts availability for all the products we sell.

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