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About Us

SPM specializes in maintenance some of the world’s finest radiology equipment, accessories and radiation protection products. Apart from radiating healthcare, SPM also ventures into X-Ray solutions such as Surgical C-Arm products. Positioned as one of the global leaders in radiology, SPM is a brand known for its outstanding quality products and unparalleled service standards. Being the radiology division of globally acclaimed philips pulsera brand.

A convenient, single supplier for all of your medical X-ray equipment needs Utilize our 18-plus years of experience and friendly sales and for the exam equipment you need. As a complete contact point, you can expect a pleasant and efficient equipment procurement process..



SPM was founded in 2002 and is the market leader in the maintenance medical equipment industry. We specialize in outfitting entire healthcare facilities with high-quality equipment at affordable prices. Our goal is to facilitate equipment acquisition by maintaining one of the largest medical equipment inventories and providing turnkey solutions for our customers. We offer a one-stop-shop platform where our customers can compare models and manufacturers. We offer warranties and medical equipment service on all products that we sell..

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